The Cuisine

We are introducing a ‘new style’ of Italian food - one that disparate from the conventional and familiarity of the cuisine, and that is simplicity. Our inspiration comes from the regional Italian cuisine, while using seasonal produce as much

as we can. At GOODDAM, you may expect endless possibilities of flavour profiles that we'd love to explore and share with our diners in our seasonal menu that changes quarterly.


The Chef

Daniel Yap

Hailing from his background in culinary arts and Italian cuisine, Daniel seeks to continuously share his love for Italian food and culture. Once a co-founder of Pop Up Dining KL, he is now able to achieve his aspirations further with a team and in a place to call his own. The restaurant’s philosophy of simplicity drives the young chef to continuously push boundaries, explore and educate the local audience on the definition and representation of Italian cuisine in the most natural and accommodating way possible.